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When you enroll for a package at a Plej fitness, you derive multiple benefits absent among our competitors. At Plej fitness network the differentiator are both qualitative and quantitative. Plej offers a world class fitness experience.

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State of the Art Equipment

Plej network fitnesss are fitted with the best of equipment by keeping in mind the hardware most suitable for efficient workouts of different populations. The workout equipment used in Plej fitness are of international standards—not only in terms of ease-of-use, but also digitization. This ensures generation of accurate progress reports of each member. All other infrastructure at Plej fitnesss is state-of-the art.

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Scientific Training Programs

Plej packages are very scientifically designed to suit several customer profiles. Packages are developed to help a member achieve his/her fitness goals. They are highly result-oriented and engineered to produce maximum result within the shortest timeline possible. While some fitnesss across any city over-charge and finally disappoint customers, Plej packages are affordable and almost always delight customers by providing more for less.

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Certified Fitness Trainers

But, what is the use of high end technology without a well-trained Trainers to guide and motivate you ? Which is why we employ Plej certified trainers. Plej certification is offered by Plej Fitness Institute where even the most mediocre trainer turns into an expert fitness Trainers.

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Besides members can benefit immensely by the RECIPROCITY of the Plej fitness network. Wherever they travel, they may utilize a “Powered by Plej” fitness for a limited period.

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Customer Help Line

Plej has also set up a help line to address customer queries. Our teams, be they on the call desk or training and managing at the fitness, they have been sensitized to members’ concerns. Our teams are so customer-oriented that the fitness member’s or franchisee’s problems are addressed within a 24-48 hours SLA.

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