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Among others, Plej Fitness is founded with the prime objective of consolidating the currently splintered fitness market. In doing so, Plej invites existing fitness owners and others who wish to set up new fitness clubs to become a Plej Franchisee. By being a Plej franchise, you automatically upgrade to well established, scientifically-run fitness club. With our vast experience in fitness club management backing you, you will no doubt enjoy greater profitability than running your fitness independently.

  • Faster ROI

  • Plej Expertise

  • Improved Profitability

  • Maximized Returns

Plej enables and empowers franchisees by being a one-stop-shop for all the needs of new fitness clubs and non-performing existing ones. Our solutions are end-to-end. Beginning with identifying a suitable location, negotiating lease agreements, procuring the right equipment & installation, getting the interiors done; hiring and training personal trainers, Plej offers a plethora of services for franchisees.

A Plej fitness franchisee during the Pre-launch phase immensely benefit from the wide publicity and promotional activities conducted by Plej to guarantee greater brand awareness and increase footfalls to your fitness club. Within this period, the branding build-up that Plej’s professionals manage, will assure you that the launch and the post-launch period will be successful beyond your expectations.

How to Own a gym